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Welcome to Welkom Accessibility & Events! Our company is dedicated to enhancing accessibility and inclusion. Marianne Dijkshoorn, an experienced accessibility advisor and author, believes in ensuring equal experiences and participation for everyone. Marianne, who has limited mobility and uses a wheelchair for long distances, has been an accessibility advisor for over a decade. She authored the book “Make Your Event Accessible for Everyone” and was a finalist at the Freelancer of the Year Awards 2023 in the Netherlands. Her expertise has made major events, such as TwitchCon Europe 2024, King’s Day 2023 in Rotterdam, and the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, accessible to people with a physical, auditory, visual, and cognitive disability.

How it all began: The First Accessible Festival

2008 Marianne was crucial in organising the first accessible festival in the Netherlands. Facing challenges due to her mobility impairment, she advocated for accessibility adaptations, ensuring the event was inclusive for people with disabilities.

Specialising in Accessibility for Events and Leisure Activities

Marianne’s journey into accessibility started with her passion for event organising. The success of the first accessible festival inspired her to specialise in this field. She believes accessibility starts with hospitality and can be achieved at a minimal cost.

Marianne Dijkshoorn’s approach to accessibility

For Marianne, accessibility encompasses three key phases:

  1. Accessibility: Providing clear information about available facilities through
    websites or apps.
  2. Passability: Ensuring an equal experience at the venue, including stage
    access, independent ordering at the bar, and accessible restrooms.
  3. Exitability: Ensuring safety with evacuation plans for people with
    various impairments in emergencies.

Services Offered by Marianne Dijkshoorn

You can contact us for the following services:

Speaker Contributions:

Are you looking for a lecture, keynote speaker, workshop, panel discussion, or live interview on accessibility, diversity, and/or inclusion for your event? Marianne Dijkshoorn has inspired diverse audiences at content-driven events for over ten years. Her talks are pragmatic, filled with practical examples, and emphasise that hospitality doesn’t have to be costly. She ensures everyone can participate, deserves an equal experience, and belongs.

Marianne’s speaker contributions can be delivered on-site or digitally in Dutch and/or English.
Participants often appreciate having additional reading material, and it’s possible to gift each attendee a copy of her book “Make Your Event Accessible for Everyone” or facilitate a local book sale to encourage action on the topic.

Book: ‘Make Your Event Accessible for Everyone’:

Released on September 13, 2018, Marianne’s book offers examples, tips, and practical ways to make events and venues more accessible. The book ‘Make Your Event Accessible for Everyone’ is available in English, emphasising that accessibility starts with hospitality. The book helps individuals and organisations create better experiences for everyone, increasing customer satisfaction.

Accessibility Advice:

Organisations and entrepreneurs aim to make their locations accessible to everyone, including those with (temporary) disabilities. Many buildings and outdoor spaces still lack adequate accessibility. People with disabilities need more than a step-free zone and an accessible restroom; they seek meaningful experiences at events and venues.

With 1 in 5 people having a disability, and this number rising, providing complete accessibility information is crucial to attract visitors. Welkom Accessibility & Events specialises in making locations accessible through hospitality, addressing the needs of visitors with various disabilities.

If an audit reveals your location is accessible, you will be awarded the ‘Accessible Location’ certificate.

Marianne has advised about accessibility and inclusion in various settings, including:

  • Events: festivals, conferences, and trade fairs.
  • Buildings: stadiums, town halls, museums, stations, offices, and hotels.
  • Outdoor spaces: tourist attractions, playgrounds, and residential areas.

Wheelchair Mats:

Enhance the experience for wheelchair users at your venue with custom-printed wheelchair mats. These mats designate specific spots for wheelchair users, ensuring comfort and safety. Available in various sizes and customisable with your organisation’s colours and logo, these mats are practical solutions for different settings.

For more information or to place an order, email info@geenbeperkingmeer.com.

About Marianne Dijkshoorn

Despite her disability, Marianne is committed to making the most of life. She aims to make the world more beautiful and accessible, believing everyone can participate if hospitality is prioritised.

Collaborate with Marianne Dijkshoorn:

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